Saturday, August 20, 2011

PAGE 2012 Conference

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn the latest theories and practices in gifted educaiton? To network with like-minded people? To inferface with advocates and affiliate leaders, educators and parents/ To enahnce your personal creativity?
Join us . . .

- Thursday, May 3rd -
Half-day workshops featuring . . .

Susan Winebrenner, “A Model for Success: Using Cluster Grouping for Differentiation”
Dr. Linda Sheffield, “Mentoring Young Mathematicians: How to Challenge the K-5 Gifted and Advanced Learner” and “The Peak in the Middle: Developing  Mathematically Gifted Students in the Middle Grades”
Dr. Brian Housand, “Technology with Purpose: The Gifted Learner Connection”
Lori Lennon, “Understanding Executive Functioning: Unlocking Potential for the Gifted Underachiever”

Friday, May 4th
Susan Winebrenner

“Raising the Bar for the Gifted: Strategies for Lifetime Achievement”

Target audience: Charter, Cyber, Private, Parochial, Independent, Public, and Home School parents, administrators, counselors, psychologists, regular education and gifted support teachers

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